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Vol-5 Ref:-Chapters: NEHEMIA 6 - 10 (KJV Bible).
Last Submission Date 15-6-2020.


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  1. On Which Month The Construction Of Wall Was Finished ?
  2. To Whom The Nobles Of Judah Sent Many Letters ?
  3. Who Was Noadiah ?
  4. How Many Days They Took To Finish The Wall?
  5. Who Was The Ruler Of The Palace ?
  6. The Son Of Arah?
  7. Father Of Meshullam ?


  1. Who Shall Bring Up The Tithe Of The Tithes Unto The House Of Our God ?
  2. Who Opened The Book In The Sight Of All The People?
  3. The Son Of Delaiah ?
  4. The Son Of Mehetabeel ?
  5. Brother of Nehemiah?


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